This is not an idea or a dream, it’s not something we plan to do, this is a reality! We’ve already done it. We have written the script, found the cast, assembled the crew and shot the film! Now we need your help to get us across the finish line, to the border, on the moon.

As an international collaboration of artists, our idea was to create a film that will improve the lives of children in Cambodia.

Knowing the entire background of the film project, it is understandable that we never planned to work with a big production company.

By obtaining financing through private sources, we ensured creative elements were preserved in the screenplay, the casting, and the direction of the movie.

Therefore, an independent film production was the best solution, with all the difficulties connected with this decision.

Think guerrilla-style filmmaking, with high-end production value at its most essential.

Through the whole process we were guided by the energy of hope and the strength of what we had, not what we were missing, or wanted, or needed. We had Cambodia with all its beauty and wisdom as the main art direction and we had these incredible kids.

If you think you have what it takes to help us in this project, contact us!