forest wise



Forest is a director who is young in spirit, but not in direction. At the tender age of 20, he finished his first feature “life Is Nice”, featuring (steve buscemi) . The film did quite well, gathering him some recognition. It played some festivals and opened in L.A. and Chicago. In his own words, it was his film school.

After a jacked-up relationship and broken heart, he made “I’m the Elephant, U Are the Mouse”, somehow paralleling his life with some made up character. He shot the hell out of this (self-indulgent) film/adventure in Mexico, L.A. and Michigan. Forest and the film travelled to various film festivals in Europe. It was picked up for distribution in parts of Europe and Australia. A directors final cut-redux is on the way, to share with a new generation of film enthusiasts.

Forest is now living Siem Reap, Cambodia. He has been working with orphans and poor
children in Cambodia to make their lives better. In an act of com man sense = art, and based on his experiences in Cambodia, he decided to make 3 feature films (a Cambodian trilogy):
“ a Cambodian winter”, “clever creatures”& “hail tiger king” The first 2 films were shot through out Cambodia, capturing the natural beauty that only Cambodia could offer. He also incorporated the orphans and kids he has bonded with, helping to make the films, both in front and behind the camera.

Semi-biographical, and teaching them a craft/trade for their future. He is now in active development on many projects for the next few years.

The 3rd film “clever creatures” is in pre-pre production.