James duval



Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1972. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1974 where his sister Terry Duval (his only sibling) was born.

James Duval has built a career on playing alienated, melancholic lost boys. Part of his ability to capture such alienation comes from the actor’s own real-life experiences: of French, Vietnamese, Native American and Irish descent,

Perhaps best known for his work as a black-clad muse for Gregg Araki, Totally F***ed Up,
The Doom Generation, & Nowhere.

All these films met with a degree of success on the independent circuit, further establishing Duval as one of Araki’s most visible mouthpieces.

Aside from his work with Araki, Duval has also appeared in a number of independent films, including SLC Punk and Doug Liman’s Go (both 1999). He has also made the occasional foray into mainstream film, appearing in the 1996 summer blockbuster Independence Day.

And lets not forget the bunny in “Donnie Darko” a cult classic if there ever was one.